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With an eclectic mix of alternative, rock, indie, jazz, pop and funk sounds, Haze Over Hollywood – a trio based in Orlando – has taken the area’s music scene by storm.

Alex Cole is the band’s lead vocalist, songwriter and guitarist who pens emotion-filled lyrics that speak to people, connecting the band with the listener. He has been playing alongside “vocussionist” and long-time friend Josh Padilla, who prefers to go by Tonz, since high school where they first met in 2008. Tonz brings high energy that complements Cole’s laidback demeanor. They welcomed bassist Matt Duarte to the group from Brazil last August 2015, adding a fun flair to their style.

Haze Over Hollywood performs at venues across Central Florida, filling some sets with popular, laidback grooves that are presented with their distinct pop-rock twist. The trio is currently writing new material and plans to have a new single out this year.

Check out the band’s website at for show dates.

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